16 Jan 2017

New Years - Changing Resolutions

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January marks the beginning of a brand new year, a new start, a new you. Which is normally the case, associated with weight loss, exercise, dieting and lack of motivation after a few weeks.

I watched a video recently on YouTube and it inspired me. After years of doing exactly the same as everyone else, I wanted to focus on my life goals rather than making myself miserable with weight. I am happy as I am, I eat a tad off but do physical work to burn some of it off.

So what about a wardrobe resolution instead!?
How about taking a different step this January and step out of your Comfort Zone with your wardrobe choices? Giving a new colour a try or wearing a dress during the day instead of trousers?

There are brand new clothes coming your way in the coming days so feel free to take a gander, email if there is anything you are thinking of buying and share your new look with us and inspire others to jump right in!

Please let us know if we can share your new wardrobe resolutions with others here, as we would love to see how you look and how much you are in love with your new look. Comment below if you are giving this a go and email your results. We are super excited to see!!

Cannot wait to see your new looks!


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