31 Dec 2016

January Featured Offers

Featured Offers

Every month we will be featuring Items on Offer for you. To receive these offers, subscribe to our blog then email us and we will send you instructions on ordering your discounted item. ==>

Ribbed High Neck Jumper (S, L, XL) RRP £21.99 - 30% Discount

Shiny Cut-out Shoulder Dress (10,12,14) RRP £21.99 - 30% Discount

Colourful Top With Leaf Design (16, 20, 22/24) RRP £22.99 - 30% Discount

Floral Style Single Button Blazer (XS, S, M, L) RRP £24.99 - 30% Discount

High Thigh Split Maxi Dress (8, 10, 12) RRP £24.99 - 30% Discount

These discounts last until Jan 31st so ensure you get your orders in as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out on this offer. Products subject to availability.

Enjoy your January Shopping!

P.S. Remember that you can freely donate to our chosen charity Diabetes UK or for free just use their search bar a few times a day and clicking some of the search results links. It is free to use and gives the charity a few penny's which is great for doing something you do every day on Google!


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