16 Feb 2017

Are You 'In Love'?

We have all found ourselves 'in love' with something instantly. Walking past a shop window and catching those pair of shoes. Out with friends and staring at that dress she was wearing as she walked past you.
But how many of you have acted on that impulse? To find out where she got her dress from? To go into that shop and try on those shoes? I certainly have done! I don't hide that for sure..!

So this month, It is a time of love. Time to show your loved one just how much they mean to you. Well, how about showing yourself some of that love?? Here is my task to you - Flick through our website and choose 2-3 items you are in love with and share with me. I will give you 15% discount on that pick of yours valid until end of February so don't delay!!


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