3 Nov 2016

Reet Petite's Charity Event

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After quite some time wanting to donate to charity, I remembered a page I found some time ago where you can support and donate to charities in multiple ways.

So I have made up a donations page for a charity that is close to my heart. Diabetes UK.

Now you might be asking yourself, well there is only one way to donate to charity surely! Actually...

With this online donating site, you can use their search engine on their website just a few times and earn some money towards your chosen charity. And you don't need to be signed in! Just click the picture to be directed to the donation page and then search, Easy!! Also, earn donations by shopping at your favorite retailers through their website.
Now who wouldn't grab Christmas Presents and not earn dome donations for their charity?

Please pass this on and maybe once a week just check the page out and search for things online.


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